Daniel J. Richter

Principal Investigator

Daniel began his scientific career as a computer programmer at the Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research (now the Broad Institute). His PhD research, jointly supervised by Nicole King and Michael Eisen at the University of California, Berkeley, focused on culturing and sequencing new species of choanoflagellates, the closest relatives of animals, in order to reconstruct the evolution of gene content in the lineage leading to animals. His postdoctoral research, beginning at the Roscoff Marine Station, and continuing at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology, investigated the global-scale biogeography and gene expression of marine protists. Daniel loves to spend time outdoors, especially if it involves bouldering.

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Cristiana Sigona

Laboratory Technician

Cristiana completed her Master's and PhD degrees at the University of Pisa, Italy, where her research focused on the biology and ecology of ciliates and their bacterial endosymbionts, and included research stays at the University of Yamaguchi, Japan and Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. In her spare time, Cristiana enjoys practicing Japanese archery (which is also a great way to train for the concentration necessary to perform single-cell isolation techniques).

Margarita Skamnelou

PhD Student

As an undergraduate, Margarita studied biology at the University of Patras (Greece). She pursued her Master’s degree in biomedicine at the same university, specializing in regenerative medicine and stem cells. Her research focused on elucidating the mechanisms responsible for multiciliated cell differentiation. Aiming to follow her passion for evolutionary biology, she joined the BEAP Lab on our scientific journey to reveal the unknown biology of the most abundant marine microbial eukaryotes. In her free time, she enjoys feeding giraffes and drinking cold coffee or "Freddo" (as a traditional Greek person should!).

Àlex Gàlvez i Morante

PhD Student

Àlex carried out his bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona. He obtained his Master’s degree in Genetics and Genomics at the same university, and became a member of the BEAP Lab during his Master's thesis, where he focused his research on testing methods for ancestral gene content reconstruction. At the moment, he is taking part in our project to reveal the unknown biology of the most abundant marine microbial eukaryotes. Outside of the scientific world, Àlex enjoys spending time surrounded by friends and practicing sports.

Daryna Zavadska

PhD Student

Daryna finished her bachelor's degree at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in Ukraine. There she worked in the Phycology lab on the evolution of meiotic genes in green algae. During her studies she did internships in research groups at the University of Konstanz, WWU Munster and in the BIOCEV Center, investigating various aspects of protist biology and evolution. Her passions are protist biodiversity, endosymbioses and eukaryogenesis. Daryna likes rock music and sci-fi.

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Postdocs: please stay tuned for upcoming postdoc opportunities, to be announced soon.

Master's students: we are happy to host Master's students from local universities, including Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and the University of Barcelona (UB, for example, the Master's in Genetics and Genomics), the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), and others. Please contact Daniel if you are enrolled in a local Master's program and would be interested in conducting a research stay with us!

PhD students: our 2021 call for PhD positions is now closed.

We are strongly committed to promoting equity for groups that have been historically excluded from academia. Daniel also helps to co-coordinate the Diversity Committee of IBE.